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HHH Hemp and Cannabis Harvester 700


Field operation:
Industrial Hemp Field 0,25Ha/Hour

On-Field stripping of bushy varieties

On Farm usage for indoor and pre-dried material


Technical data:
Single module width is 70cm

Targeted harvesting speed is above 1m/s, in industrial hemp

Scalable setup: up to three modules side by side for a cutting width up 210cm

Technical Data per Module:
Width:    700mm

Height:   1500mm

Length:   2300mm

Weight:   350kg

Oil consumption: 33 l/m at 60% Throttle

Hydraulic Connectors:

Hydraulic Tubes: Hansaflex Connection to tractor

Hydraulic Splitters: 2 Channels

Front Hydraulic Adapter: Kat 1 / 2

Front Loader Adapber: Euro

Chains: 12B1 Stainless Stell

Rollers: 220mm rubberized, vulcanized 5mm layer, smooth skin, frontside coneshaped

HHHarvester 700 components:

  • Corrosion-free aluminium frame; light and durable

  • Fingered intake chains and main stripping chains are stainless steel

  • All parts that come into contact with flower are made of stainless steel and FDA compliant for food and pharma grade products

  • Cone shaped, rubberized rollers for optimal reliable pull

  • Hydraulic drive for a good weight/size/performance ration

  • Optional climbing conveyor

  • Adapters for the front-loader or three point link

  • Climbing conveyor, collector box, stand posts, sickle bar and other additional components available


Additional Equipment:

  • Sickle Bar Hydraulic:  700mm

  • Flowers Conveyor: 50 m3/min

  • Collector Box: 1x1x1m with bottom flap

  • Climbing conveyor: 1 to 2m





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