Craftfarma is a Canadian based company founded in 2020 with a highly diversified team. We believe in order to serve you best we need to surround ourselves with the best. Our goal is to always be technologically advanced in relation to our competitors and at the forefront of the North American agricultural processing industry.


As Organic and locally sourced food is increasingly sought after, the understanding of the technologies and the challenges in processing become extremely valuable. We’ve made it our mission to always design with the end result in mind. With our solutions and equipment, you can always count on smooth production and top-quality products.  Smart innovations in industrial processes allow us to make manual repetitive work easier, safer, more sustainable and more efficient


Our founder, Simon Kennedy has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC and processing equipment industry. While continually striving to constantly improve on his existing knowledge base, Simon has built a specialist team focused on large scale food processing, banking and innovative financing solutions.